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Infant Baptism

St. John the Evangelist Church


Congratulations on the birth of your child and your desire to raise your child in the Roman Catholic faith by having him or her baptized.  We look forward to working with you with preparing for this sacrament and to begin the journey of teaching them the faith through worship, prayer, and service.

We will help you as you guide your child to be reborn into the risen life of Jesus Christ and becoming a member of His Body, the Church.


Parental Preparations for Baptism

Preparation for your child's baptism consists of four simple steps:

  • A spiritual chat with our Pastoral Associate
  • Attending a Baptismal Preparation Gathering
  • Schedule Baptism
  • Choose Sponsors/Godparents
Spiritual Chat

Parents meet with one of our deacons to chat about your spiritual and communal life and your desires for your child.  It's an opportunity for the deacon to get to know your family and for you to ask questions that relate to your child's baptism.

Baptismal Preparation Gathering

This gathering is for parents and sponsors (godparents) to deepen their understanding of baptism, the church, and God. Also, it is a time to meet with other couples that are having the same experiences as you.

The gathering will consist of:

  • Discussion on parenting and sponsorship
  • Reflecting on our relationship with God
  • Discussion on being Catholic
  • Enrichment of our understanding of Baptism
  • Rehearsal of the Rite of Baptism

Contact the Pastoral Associate Dcn. Bill Rabjohn ( or 352-5481 x206) to sign up for the meeting. Reservations are required for attendance.


Scheduling Baptisms

Typically, baptisms are held outside of Mass. They take place on the third Sunday of the month at 12:30pm. While not limited, typically, one to four infants are baptized.

Occasionally, baptisms during a Mass may take place at any Sunday service (5pm, 7:45 am, 9:30 am, and 11:15 am) provided that: (1) - another special event is not scheduled for that Mass, (2) - the rite of baptism has not been performed during that Mass the previous week, and (3) - the family that attend that Mass regularly.

Scheduling a Baptism is done with the Parish Secretary, once the family has met with the Pastoral Associate and attended one of the Gatherings. At the time of scheduling, please have ready the names of your sponsors and any additional information that may be required (i.e. copies of birth certificates are required).


Sponsors [Godparents]

Parents have the primary responsibility for raising their child as a Catholic. To help them carry out this responsibility, they choose one or two persons to serve as sponsors.

The two-fold role of the sponsor is to help the parents raise their child as a Catholic and to represent the Catholic Church community into which the child is to be baptized.

The Catholic Church requires that at least one sponsor be a practicing Roman Catholic, who is:

  • At least sixteen years of age.
  • A fully initiated Catholic. (Has received the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation.)
  • Someone who actively practices the Catholic faith. (Lives their faith in everyday life and attends Mass regularly.)


If desired for pastoral reasons, one sponsor can also be a Christian witness who is:

  • At least sixteen years of age.
  • A baptized Christian by the Trinitarian formula from a Christian denomination (i.e.

Anglican, Orthodox, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc.)

  • Someone who practices the Christian faith. (Lives their faith in everyday life.)


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