• Godparents and Sponsors
    When an infant is baptized, it is the parents who have the responsibility for choosing godparents who will serve as good examples for living the Catholic way of life. It is customary to have two godparents. A godparent can be a man or woman, and a Christian of another tradition may be chosen as a witness provided there is at least one Catholic godparent.
    The Catholic godparent MUST be:

    • 16 years of age or older
    • Fully initiated in the Roman Catholic Church (baptized, confirmed, and receiving the Eucharist)
    • Ready to commit the time and personal care to nurture and support the child and parent(s)

    Baptism isn’t just for babies. Older children and adults of any age can become members of the Catholic Church. Go to our RCIA tab to learn more about the Rite Christian Initiation for Adults.