COVID-19 News

  • Masses Are Now Resuming!

    The Mass schedule resumes as before:
    Sunday, 7:45, 9:30 & 11:15am.
    Monday, Tuesday 8:00am
    Wednesday 6:30pm
    Thursday, Friday 8:00 am
    Saturday, 5:00pm

    If you come to Mass but see that the church is already 25% full (~85 persons with 25% seating capacity), please consider coming back to a later Mass, or the next day, instead.  (No Mass has yet been "full" however, so come if you feel ready!)

    Confessions continue:
    Monday-Friday 5:30–6:00pm
    Saturday 3:45–4:30pm

    Ring the rectory doorbell, 60 Martha Street.  (Or by appointment: call 585-352-5481.)

    Tuesdays 1:00pm Exposition to 5:45pm Benediction
    Every day: 6:30am–7:30am (start time is approximate)

    Fr. Peter's Live Update: 
  • Message from Bishop Matano 

  • Important Notifications

    Parish Office & Buildings Opening July 20th
    • The Parish Office & Buildings will open to the public on Monday, July 20th. You will need to wear a mask while in our Parish Buildings and follow the existing social distancing regulations. No food will be allowed to be prepared or served in our facilities until further notice.
    • We have installed a new key system and anyone with existing keys will need to receive a new key card to enter the buildings. This will be done through the office and the details of picking up these keys will be worked out through our parish secretary.
    • You will need to provide an attendance record for each group gathering  and health assessment forms may also be required. We are working out the details and we ask for your patience and prayers as we work our way through this process. Scheduling Forms for the Fall with more detailed information will available July 21st.

    If you make a request to use the Parish Facilities keep in mind your group size will need to follow the 50% capacity rule to allow for proper social distancing for the space requested. The number of people allowed by room is listed below:
    • · PC Dining Room 12 people
    • PC Chapel 15 people
    • PC Library 7 people
    • Upstairs Conference Room 15 people
    • School Gym 150 people
    • School Conference Room A 25 people
    • Scout Room 15 people
    Please e-mail or call the office if you have questions.