COVID-19 News


    On Thursday, October 8th, our pastor, Fr. Peter Mottola learned that an individual for whom he had celebrated the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick at 2:30 pm on Wednesday, October 7th, had, after that time, received notice of a positive COVID-19 test.  Fr. Peter is not hospitalized, nor is he suffering any symptoms of the virus, but is isolated in the rectory.  He was wearing a mask and a hospital gown during the celebration of the Sacrament and observed hand hygiene.  The parish is grateful that the individual's family immediately notified the parish of the test results.  We have been in contact with an infection prevention specialist at Unity Hospital in this matter and want to share this information with our parishioners.

    St. John the Evangelist Church remains absolutely committed to following the precautions put in place in accord with the Bishop's directives, including:
    • All who enter the church must wear a mask when in the building;
    • Hands must be sanitized when each person enters the church;
    • A distance of six feet is maintained between parishioners unless they are of the same household;
    • The church is completely sanitized after each Mass.

    The parish staff, and your fellow parishioners, thank you for your full cooperation with these procedures.  Be assured that the parish staff continues to monitor the Coronavirus pandemic in our community, as well as continue to follow health and safety procedures.  We will keep you informed of any changes or developments as needed.

    If you are concerned about your own health or exposure to the virus, please contact your primary care provider or the Monroe County Health Department at 585-753-5555.

  • Message from Bishop Matano 

  • Masses Are Now Resuming!

    The Mass schedule resumes as before:
    Sunday, 7:45, 9:30 & 11:15am.
    Monday, Tuesday 8:00am
    Wednesday 6:30pm
    Thursday, Friday 8:00 am
    Saturday, 5:00pm

    If you come to Mass but see that the church is already 25% full (~85 persons with 25% seating capacity), please consider coming back to a later Mass, or the next day, instead.  (No Mass has yet been "full" however, so come if you feel ready!)

    Confessions continue:
    Monday-Friday 5:30–6:00pm
    Saturday 3:45–4:30pm

    Ring the rectory doorbell, 60 Martha Street.  (Or by appointment: call 585-352-5481.)

    Tuesdays 1:00pm Exposition to 5:45pm Benediction
    Every day: 6:30am–7:30am (start time is approximate)

    Fr. Peter's Live Update: