• Congratulations & Welcome

    We are delighted that you have chosen to celebrate your marriage at St John's Church, and we are here to assist you in your wedding preparation. The celebration of your love is a time to rejoice in the gift you share with one another. First and foremost, marriage is a sacrament.  Your love for each other will make visible God’s love for you. The Sacrament of Marriage is not just a religious ceremony on the day of your marriage.  It is your life together.  While your engagement, showers, rehearsal, reception, and honeymoon are all significant parts of your marriage celebration, the wedding liturgy is the center of the Christian celebration.
    Before a date and time can be secured on our Parish Calendar, the engaged couple will schedule an appointment with our Pastor, Fr. Sadhanala.  This appointment can be made through our parish secretary at the parish office by calling 585-352-5481.

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