Ministries at Mass

  • Ministry at Mass


    Lectors and Altar Servers participate in the celebrations during both daily and weekend Masses. Please contact the parish office for more information. 585-352-5481

    A great way to serve the parish community is to assist in the celebration of the Mass as a lector.  God speaks to us through the Scriptures.  A lector is one who proclaims the Word of God at Mass and other services.  Lectors read 1st and 2nd Readings of Sacred Scripture, the Prayers of Petition, and any announcements before Mass. They serve God by communicating His words to the parish community and experience a joy that comes from serving the Lord and others
    Altar Servers (Adult Altar Services and Sacristans)
    Adult Altar Servers/Sacristans perform various duties with the set-up, activities during and after Mass. No special skills are needed as training is available.

    Youth Altar Servers 
    Youth Altar Servers are needed for all Masses with a willingness to help Father. Training is available. Other needs in  thie ministry area include those who are willing to wash and/or replace albs, and reruit servers for Mass times.

    Music Ministry
    St. John's has a variety of music styles at the Masses. This ministry is always in need of more voices and talented musicians.

    There are currently two groups, the Saturday Music Group and the Sunday Choir.

    Saturday Music Group sings at the 5PM Mass on Saturdays, and rehearses Tuesdays at 7PM.  The Saturday group focus in on music from the last several decades (contemporary catholic church setting music)

    The Sunday Choir sings at 11:15 Mass on Sundays, and rehearses Wednesdays at 7PM (except for the Wednesday preceding the last Sunday of the month).

    Every first Saturday of the month there is a sung Latin Mass at 9AM where a schola sings Gregorian chant.

    Interested people can email  ( or contact the parish office at 585-352-5481

    Ushers and Greeters
    Ushers are liturgical ministries assuring the comfort of the assembly in the worship space and performing various functions before, during and after the Mass.