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  •  Pastoral/Finance   

    Join Pastoral/Finance Council!

    Commonly called “Parish Council,” three of our members’ terms have come to an end. We are also seeking to grow our Finance Council, which is similar but for persons with finan- cial/business expertise. We are accepting nominations to join this group over the next few weeks.

    To be nominated you must:

    • be fully initiated Roman Catholics in good standing with the Church; • be registered and supporting members of the parish;
    • be participants in parish life and worship;
    • be committed to prayer, study, listening and dialogue;

    • be committed to giving the time needed for participation; and
    • be aware of and comply with the Parish Conflict of Interest Policy.

    And these are helpful to have:

    • a desire for spiritual growth in oneself and in the parish;
    • eagerness to participate in parish decisions about its direction;
    • willingness to listen, speak openly/honestly, and to work toward consensus;
    • integrity in articulating what one has heard and what one believes; • the ability to inspire and empower other and to delegate; and
    • cooperation, flexibility and openness with people and ideas.