Youth Group (gr. 8-12)

  • Timeless Stories 

    NEW!   St. John’s Spencerport -Timeless Stories from the books in the Bible!

    When: Friday, March 6th, 2020
    Time: 5:30 to 6:30pm (right before Teen Night)

    • April 17th
    • May 15th 
    • June 12th 

    Where: Teen Center (aka Basement of Parish Center, use the lower door entrance)

    Ever wonder what your purpose is, or how to find a path to discover the greatest potential for your life? There is a mind/heart connection that can be uncovered within the "Books" of the Bible and the stories told within each book. This “living” lens reveals human relationships from multiple perspectives that occurred over thousands of years ago but hold true in the world today. The New Testament exposes Jesus; why would a man who died in the prime of his life - naked, penniless, shamed, virtually alone, and in great agony become the focal point of history? Let's go beyond the distractions of the world and look at suggestions and opportunities to grow into discovering your true purpose and self-potential.

    There's no need to pre-register as walk-ins are always welcome, but it's a great way to reserve your seat!
    Registration Form - Click Here

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  • Check out the Diocese of Rochester Forming Faith website:
  • Life Teen Videos

  • St. John the Evangelist - Spencerport
     Youth Group (gr. 8-12)

    Our SJS Teens invite teens from other parish and the surrounding community to join us for our events and sctivities. 

    • Teen Nights happen once a month  from 7:00pm to 9:00pm in our basement, a.k.a. our Teen Center! Play foosball, ping pong, video games or just have a place where you can enjoy the evening with your friends. Pizza, snacks and beverages are available too. No need to be Catholic just join us!
    • Before Teen Night, we explore "Timeless Stories" where we look at history from the lens of the Bible

    …for more information or to get involved contact the office

    Upcoming Teen Night's (Friday's from 7-9pm)"

    • April 17th theme "Spring"
    • May 15th theme "Sharing our Talents"
    • June 12th theme (TBD)

    Speak Up!  We're Always listening...tell us what you are interested in learning about...

    The Youth Group at St. John the Evangelist - Spencerport invites you to join us and learn how to navigate the issues today's teens face, grow in leadership and public speaking, serve the less fortunate or support a cause you are passionate about or explore how to get a little closer to God.
    Activities include: games, book club discussions, TImeless Stories from the Bible,  outings both near and far (like Future Now (summer leadership program in Charlotte/Holy Cross) Steubenville Youth Conference (Ohio-July 17-19,2020), as well as fundraising, parish activities, community service, Adoration, mentoring, leading others and so much more! Take a look at the most current Teen Newsletter at the top of this page
    Come share your gifts and talents and get to know other teens in our community! Want to be receive emails of upcoming event? Register to be added to our group 

  • Teen Ministry Message from Staff

    Our teen (youth) ministry goals are to respond to the needs of our youth, to promote their spiritual growth and to encourage them to share their God given talents with our parish, our community and others they come in contact with. 

    We want our youth to know God really loves them and they are never alone. Pope Francis reminds us, "In the roughest moments, remember God is our Father, God does NOT abandon His children."

    Teens are additionally encouraged to collaborate with others to assist in furthering the cause for Christ!